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Sunday, September 19, 2010

On a Quest for the favorite bakery. Ken's Artisan, Portland, OR

Not all bakeries are created equal. Some are smelly. Some are overpriced. Some hardly offer anything. And some are exceptional. Ken's Artisan on NW 21st in Portland makes me happy.
A tiny little corner pad can hardly fit a steady stream of people who want nothing more than a morning cup of coffee and a pastry to go with their morning paper reading. Then there are those who come to grab a fresh loaf of wonderful goodness for dinner. Families! I love to see families enjoying each other's presence; kids indulging in their cream puffs using their whole face. And above all this commotion floats a cloud of heavenly smell of freshly baked crusty bread. Mmmm. This bakery is certainly exceptional.

Vika goes for the Passionfruit Mango Tart: a generously-sized, meringue-topped delight with a bold tropical flavor.

Being a croissant junkie, I chose one filled with ham, asiago, and tarragon.

Finally, we finish with a trio of Macarons: pistachio, huckleberry, and caramel-sea salt. A nice, light, and slightly chewy little bon-bon, which made our hearts sing.  Definitely exceptional!

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