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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Its Majesty, Steak!

I LOVE a good steak. I mean, the poor cow had to die, so why waste it, right?
I first tried a steak 14 years ago, when I came to live in USA. I had no idea what "steak" was, so I trusted the locals to get a good one for me. It was a long while after that, when I was brave enough to give it a second chance. All I could think was, why in the world would someone want to have a huge slab of cooked-to-death meat, with no flavor, and no color? And go crazy over it? You see, I didn't have the GOOD steak!
I recently came across a fantastic book written by Tom Perini, called "Texas Cowboy Cooking". It's not your typical cookbook. It's a journey through time and tradition of Texas. It really is a good read! And the book is written by a steak lover. You can feel it in every sentence; and with every page you grow more and more hungry for some good steak. So we had some.

My good steak is well marbled for good flavor:

It then is treated to a simple dry rub (we like the "Harry & David's" kind):

Then on to a fire it goes (God bless my husband for dilligently perfecting his grilling skills!) :)

Finally! I smell heaven. It's close, so close! But can't have it yet. It has to rest.

Meanwhile our bread is done! I have a weakness for an artisan bread with a good crust and a warm, soft inside - don't you? :). This loaf has whole garlic cloves in it.

How about a side of Yukon golds? With some sea salt and a splash of malt vinegar? OK!

And some farm-fresh green beans, sauteed with butter and garlic? Can't forget a nice glass of Pinot. Gotta have the Pinot!

Good dinner is almost ready. Just the final touches now. Fresh pepper on the beans, butter on the bread, the steak is trimmed of fat, and topped with Amish gorgonzola cheese. Oh yeah, it's a celebration!


Total cost (per person): $8. Includes wine and leftovers.

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